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Dr. Clifford Rhymes






Dr. Clifford Rhymes has 30+ years in ministry experience. He was ordained to Christian Ministry in 1988. He received his Undergraduate (Bachelors) degree at Depaul University and his Masters degree at International Theological Seminary. Dr. Rhymes received his Ph.D. in Biblical studies at International Theological Seminary in 2010.


















Introduction to the Doctrine of Final Things (Eschatology)

From Christian Theology by Russell Byrum


Books by Russell Byrum



Introduction to Eschatology

The Signs of the End of Time

The Second Coming of Christ

The Universal Resurrection of the Dead

The Universal Judgment of the Living and Dead

The Destruction of the Universe

The Destiny of the Wicked

The Destiny of the Righteous


False Theories And Their Origin Stated

Introduction to the Major Millennial Theories

The History of the Millennial Doctrine

The A-Millennial Theory Stated

The Post Millennial Theory Stated

The Historic or Covenantal Premillennial Theory Stated

The Dispensational Premillennial Theory Stated

The Secret Rapture Theory Stated

The History of the Secret Rapture

The Fable of a Seven-Year Tribulation Stated


False Theories Exposed and Answered

Biblical Problems With The Post-Millennial Theory

Biblical Problems With The Pre-Millennial Theory

Biblical Problems With The Secret Rapture of the Church

Biblical Problems With The Seven-Year Tribulation







·         The Book of the Revelation

·         The Inspired Scriptures

·         God, the Father

·         God, The Son

·         God, The Holy Spirit

·         Godhead, The Trinity

·         Satan

·         Angels

·         Man

·         Man's Contaminated Nature

·         Redemption

·         Justification

·         Sanctification

·         Water Baptism

·         The Lord’s Supper

·         Feet-Washing

·         Divine Healing

·         The End of the World

·         Bible Humility

·         The Unity of God’s People


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