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This page is dedicated to the many Saints and Ministers that have heard Dr. Rhymes and have requested his Broadcast Archives to go online. You can order a Broadcast by Adding it to your cart below.We We would like to quote Dr. Martin Luther King. “If a man happens to be 36 years old, and some great opportunity arises to stand up for that which is right and that which is just, and he refuses to stand up, and lives as if evil is good and good is evil, because he wants to live a little longer and is afraid his home would get bombed, and that he would lose his job, or his stand among the brethren, he may go on and live until he is 80 years old, but he is just as dead at 36 as he would be at 80. And the cessation of breathing is just the belated announcement of an earlier death of the soul, when he was 36." -- MLK

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Where Are The Nine? 10-06-2013

Jesus King on David's Throne-10-13-2013

Jesus Priest Like Melchizedek - 10-20-2013

Jesus Prophet Like Moses - 10-27-2013

Jesus' Sacred Name - 11-03-2013

Signs Jesus Is Coming Back 11-10-2013

More Signs Jesus Is Coming Back - 11-17-2013

The Last Great Day - 11-24-2013

The General Resurrection - 12-01-2013

The Preliminary and Final Judgment - 12-08-2013

The Place Called HELL 12-15-2013

The Place Called Heaven 12-22-2013

The Christmas Story - 12-29-2013

Remember Lot's Wife - 01-05-2014

The Danger of Backsliding - 01-12-2014

One More Night With the Frogs? - 01-19-2014

Don't Let GOd Set Your Barley Field on Fire! - 01-26-2014

The Fourth Man In The Fiery Furnace! - 02-02-2014

Showers of Blessings! - 02-09-2014

The Strategy of Thinking on the Goodness of God - 02-16-2014

The Blood Covenant - 02-23-2014

I Must Tell Jesus - 03-02-2014

I Must Tell Jesus-Part 2 - 03-09-2014

Wait On The Lord! - 03-16-2014

Are You Able To Drink My Cup? - 03-23-2014

Let All The Earth Keep Silence Before Him - 03-30-2014

Let All The Earth Keep Silence Before Him - Part 2 - 04-06-2014

The Lord Stood With Me - 04-13-2014

The Resurrection Morning - 04-20-2013

The Christian Passover - 04-27-2014

Don't Get Caught In The Traffic Jam! - 05-04-2014

The First Mother - 05-11-2014

God's Great Sacrifice - Part 1 - 05-18-2014

God's Great Sacrifice - Part 2 - 05-25-2014

God's Great Sacrifice - Part 2 - 06-01-2014